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Basics of Bioinformatics

This ambitious volume is the result of the successful 2007 Graduate Summer School on Bioinformatics of China held at Tsinghua University. It is remarkable for its range of topics as well as the depth of coverage. Bioinformatics draws on many subjects for analysis of the data generated by the biological sciences and biotechnology. This foreword will describe briefly each of the 12 chapters and close with additional general comments about the field. Many of the chapters overlap and include useful introductions to concepts such as gene or Bayesian methods.

Author: Rui Jiang
Page count: 412


The Biostar Handbook - Bioinformatics Data Analysis Guide

This book teaches you practical skills that will allow you to enter this fast expanding industry. Beginning with fundamental concepts such as understanding data formats and how analysis is done in general and what conclusions can be drawn from data, the Handbook eases you into the limitless world of possibilities. With the help of the book, you will be reproducing results from realistic data analysis scenarios such as genome assembly or gene expression analysis.

Author: Dr. Istvan Albert
Page count: 1054

Bioinformatics Handbook of Next Generation and applications

Bioinformatics - A Practical Handbook of Next Generation Sequencing and Its Applications

The idea for this book was conceived after my colleagues and I had organized and taught at various workshops on NGS. We thought that it would be a great idea to provide a comprehensive practical oriented book on NGS so that more people can learn how to handle bioinformatics data that are coming from this technology. The book covers general topics on how to handle NGS data.

Authors: Lloyd Low & Martti Tammi
Page count: 242