Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

This book covers all the fundamental aspects of biotechnology. It has been written in a very simple manner and explains the fundamental concepts and techniques in detail so that they are very easily understood, even by those without even a basic understanding of biology. Reading this textbook will give readers an idea of the relationship between biotechnology and health, nutrition, agriculture, environment, industry, etc., and will explain different applications of biotechnology in everyday life. You can free download PDF books of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: A. J. Nair
Page count: 812


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - Drug Discovery and Clinical Applications

The book attempts to provide a balanced view of the biotechnological industry, and the number of experts from the industry sharing their knowledge and experience with the readers gives the book an outstanding value. All contributors provide with each chapter an up-to-date review on key topics in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Hopefully, some of these concepts will find clinical application in the following years.

Authors: O. Kayser & R. H. Muller
Page count: 324