Textbook of interventional cardiology

Textbook of Interventional Cardiology

This book is intended to serve as a resource for the interventional cardiology community, which not only includes practicing cardiologists but also the team involved in procedures, referring physicians, and those training or who have aspiration to train in this awe-inspiring field. New chapters have been added to address the diagnosis and treatment of coronary microvascular disease, percutaneous tricuspid valve repair, and valve-in-valve interventions. Over the years, coronary intervention became increasingly predictable and, in many ways, routine, with the progressive maturation of stents and leaps forward in our adjunct pharmacologic therapies.

Authors: Eric J. Topol & Paul S. Teirstein
Page count: 1392

Netters cardiology-2nd Edition

Netter's Cardiology

For the second edition of Netter’s Cardiology, our goal was to produce an improved text that keeps these issues in clear focus and also addresses important clinical areas that were not well covered in the first edition or in many other cardiology texts. To accomplish this expansion while maintaining a concise text that could be used as a ready reference, we again avoided exhaustive treatment of topics. We also have made every effort to present the essential information in a readerfriendly format that increases the reader’s ability to learn the key facts without getting lost in details that can obfuscate the learning process.

Author: Marschall S. Runge
Page count: 601

Narain Moorjani_ Nicola Viola_ Sunil K. Ohri - Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery

Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery

In his textbook, Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery, Narain Moorjani, writing from the vantage point of one who has recently undertaken specialty exams following completion of his cardiac surgery training, provides a most interesting alternative. Specifically, the work of determining the most critical aspects of the body of knowledge has been thoroughly reviewed and questions are asked as a teaching tool without the antecedent didactics. The strength of this book lies in one of the important words in the title, that being ‘key’: it focuses on the essential information that every cardiac surgeon should have at their fingertips.

Author: Narain Moorjani
Page count: 522