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Fundamentals of Forensic Science 2010

Fundamentals of Forensic Sciences

Explore the fascinating world of forensic sciences in 'Fundamentals of Forensic Sciences.' Learn about crime scene investigation, forensic analysis, and how evidence is interpreted. Whether you're a student or a professional, this book makes forensic science easy to understand, helping you unravel the mysteries of criminal investigations You can free download books of Forensic Science at Medihealth Pedia.

Authors: Max M. Houck & Jay A. Seigel
Page count: 680

Forensic Science (Fundamentals & Investigations)

Forensic Sciences Fundamentals & Investigations

Explore the fascinating world of forensic sciences in 'Forensic Sciences Fundamentals & Investigations.' This book breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand explanations, covering everything from crime scene analysis to evidence collection. With real-life examples and practical exercises, it's perfect for anyone curious about solving mysteries and understanding how forensic science works. You can free download books of Forensic Science at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: Anthony J. Bartino
Page count: 560

The Encyclopedia of Crime Scene Investigation by Michael Newton

The Encyclopedia of Crime Scene Investigation

Explore the world of crime scene investigation with 'The Encyclopedia of Crime Scene Investigation.' Learn about fingerprints, bloodstains, and other forensic techniques in clear, easy-to-understand language. Packed with real-life examples and illustrations, this book is perfect for aspiring detectives and mystery enthusiasts alike. Dive into the science behind solving crimes and uncover the secrets of the criminal justice system. Get ready for an exciting journey through the fascinating world of forensic science.

Author: Michael Newton
Page count: 353

DK Eyewitness- Forensic Science

Eyewitness Forensic Science

Dive into the world of forensic science with 'Eyewitness Forensic Science,' where every page is packed with fascinating insights and real-life cases. Explore how experts use clues, evidence, and scientific techniques to solve mysteries and catch criminals. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations, this book is perfect for curious minds of all ages. Join the investigation and uncover the secrets behind the science of crime-solving.

Author: Chris Cooper
Page count: 76


Crime Scene Investigation - A Guide For Law Enforcement

Explore the world of Crime Scene Investigation with this user-friendly guide designed for law enforcement. Learn how to gather evidence, analyze clues, and solve cases like a pro. Packed with practical tips and techniques, this book is essential for anyone interested in the science of solving crimes. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, it's your go-to resource for mastering the art of investigation. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind cracking the toughest cases.

Author: National Forensic Science Technology Center, FL
Page count: 180

Crime Scene Investigation by Jacqueline T. Fish, Larry S. Miller, Michael C. Braswell and Edward W Wallace

Crime Scene Investigation

Get ready to solve mysteries with Crime Scene Investigation! Join detectives as they find clues and catch bad guys. This book explains forensic science in simple terms for everyone to understand. Learn about fingerprints, footprints, and more in this fun and exciting adventure. Ideal for anyone curious about how crimes are solved. You can free download books of Crime Scene Investigations at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: Jacquiline T. Fish
Page count: 438

postmartam toxicology of abused drugs

Postmortem Toxicology of Abused Drugs

Dive into the world of postmortem toxicology in this book, focusing on drugs often misused. Learn about how experts analyze these substances after death, helping solve mysteries. Discover simple explanations and real-life cases, making it easy to understand. Perfect for anyone curious about how drugs affect the body after death. An essential read for those interested in forensic science.

Author: Steven B. Karch, MD
Page count: 214

Clarke Analytical Forensic Toxicology

Clarke's Analytical Forensic Toxicology

Dive into the world of forensic toxicology with 'Clarke's Analytical Forensic Toxicology,' a comprehensive guide written in easy-to-understand medical language. Explore the science behind analyzing substances in the human body and its application in criminal investigations. From identifying drugs and toxins to understanding their effects on the body, this book offers valuable insights for professionals and students alike. With clear explanations and case studies, it's an essential resource for anyone interested in the intersection of medicine and law.

Authors: Sue Jickells & Adam Negrusz
Page count: 673