Schwarezs Principles of Surgery

Schwartz's Principles of Surgery

Schwartz's Principles of Surgery" is a cornerstone textbook in the field of surgery, offering comprehensive coverage of surgical principles and techniques. Written by leading experts in the field, this book provides a high-level overview of essential surgical concepts and practices. From basic principles to advanced procedures, readers gain a thorough understanding of surgical theory and practice. With its authoritative content and detailed illustrations. You can free download General Surgery books in PDF at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: F. Charles Brunicardi
Page count: 2098


Sabiston Textbook of Surgery

This is the 21st edition of Sabiston’s Textbook of Surgery. It continues the strong tradition of being the definitive text for our discipline. Each chapter provides evidence-based references, and each has special references that will be of particular interest to the reader. The majority of authors are new and are recognized experts or “rising stars” in their respective fields. Each chapter provides the most up-to-date information on surgical innovations and techniques, as well as the latest in multidisciplinary treatments.

Author: Courtney M. Townsend
Page count: 2197

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery, 4th Edition

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery

This comprehensive handbook addresses crucial aspects of surgical practice in five main sections: patient assessment and preparation, anesthesia, critical care, inflammation, wound healing, and infection. Additionally, it delves into key elements of general surgical procedures and extends its coverage to various surgical specialties, encompassing plastic, pediatric, and orthopedic surgery. A valuable resource, this handbook provides in-depth insights across a spectrum of surgical disciplines for practitioners and students alike.

Authors: Greg McLatchie & Neil Borley
Page count: 837