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Harrison's Manual of Medicine 16th Edition

Harrison's Manual of Medicine

Harrison's Manual of Medicine" stands as the quintessential guide for medical professionals, offering concise yet comprehensive insights into the diagnosis and management of various medical conditions. With its evidence-based approach, this manual provides invaluable guidance on clinical decision-making and patient care. From fundamental principles to advanced medical practices, each chapter delivers authoritative information backed by the latest research findings.

Author: Dennis L. Kasper, MD
Page count: 1104

Davidson Medicine 24th

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine

Davidson’s strives to ensure that readers can not only recognize the clinical features of a disease, but also understand the underlying causes. To achieve this, each chapter begins with a summary of the relevant pre-clinical science, linking pathophysiology with clinical presentation and treatment so that students can use the book from the start of their medical studies right through to their final examinations and beyond. The opening eight chapters provide an account of the principles of genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, population health, oncology and pain management.

Author: Ian D. Penman
Page count: 1428

Clinical Cases in Internal Medicine

Clinical Cases in Internal Medicine

In this textbook, the concise and memorable case discussions highlight the differential diagnoses that must be systematically considered and review the mechanisms that explain the patient’s signs and symptoms and the basis for why certain treatments work. The tables and figures are truly high-yield and helpful in practice. The questions, throughout the chapter, are framed very thoughtfully around queries that arise in clinical decision-making, in education of patients and families and in preparation for standardised examinations.

Author: Samy Azer
Page count: 474

Clinical Pain Management A Practical Guide 2nd Edition 2022

Clinical Pain Management - A Practical Guide

Clinical Pain Management: A Practical Guide, Ron Melzack emphasized that pain has many dimensions and that, despite advances in pain management and understanding, chronic pain in particular continues to be a major health concern. This, unfortunately, is still the case and many challenging problems still exist in managing and understanding chronic pain. It will be particularly valuable not only for clinicians to help them assist their patients experiencing an acute pain or suffering from chronic pain, but also for scientists who wish to gain more insights into these pain conditions and their underlying processes.

Author: Mary E. Lynch
Page count: 508