Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice

Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice

For this edition, the text has been rewritten and updated, and over 60 new authors have been added to the cadre of contributors. New chapters have been added covering brain death, deep brain stimulation, sexual function in degenerative disorders, concussion, drug abuse, and mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders. The seventh edition includes an interactive online version available on, which can be also downloaded for use on laptops, phones or tablets.

Author: Robert B. Daroff
Page count: 2681

Clinical Neurology LANGE

Clinical Neurology

As in each new edition, we have retained and refined the core didactic material relating to the function of the nervous system in health and disease and added new and evolving diagnostic and therapeutic material. Full-color figures illustrate key concepts. Over the years, the book has encompassed the evolution of therapeutics in neurology, particularly for epilepsy and headache and most recently for demyelinating disease. This edition continues to document the expansion of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to nervous system disease.

Author: Roger P. Simon
Page count: 447

Anatomical Basis of Cranial Neurosurgery

Anatomical Basis of Cranial Neurosurgery

The main intention for writing this book is to help training neurosurgeons and their colleagues of related disciplines to combine the modern conventional anatomy with the special anatomical aspects of brain surgery. Imaging methods, especially neuronavigation, make better and more spatial presentations in vivo possible than by using conventional anatomical dissections. Nevertheless, many anatomical details, which are essential for neurosurgery, are not sufficiently presentable by imaging methods and need supporting by modern anatomical presentations.

Author: Wolfgang Seeger
Page count: 463

Handbook of Neurosurgery

Handbook of Neurosurgery

The birth of the is 8th edition of the handbook that you are now reading was a particularly di cult one. Thanks to the people at Thieme, the material was painstakingly converted from the defunct software platform to a contemporary format that will facilitate continued updates and availability in digital media. This time-consuming and labor-intensive process included porting thousands of cross references, index entries, and literature citations. With its new structure and format, as well as revised and updated content, I hope I have provided readers with an even more valuable resource in this 8th edition of the Handbook of Neurosurgery.

Author: Mark S. Greenberg
Page count: 1664

Complications in Neurosurgery

Complications in Neurosurgery

"Complications in Neurosurgery" offers an in-depth exploration of the challenges and risks associated with neurosurgical procedures. This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of complications, from common issues to rare and complex cases, providing valuable insights for both novice and experienced neurosurgeons. Each chapter delves into the etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and management of complications, supported by clinical cases and expert commentary. The book emphasizes the importance of meticulous surgical technique and preoperative planning to minimize risks.

Author: Anil Nanda
Page count: 423