Oxford Handbook of Oncology

Oxford Handbook of Oncology

This book will continue to be of enormous value to a wide spectrum of those managing patients with cancer. It is already widely used by trainees and established oncologists alike but should, additionally, be of considerable interest and value to medical students, nurses, and a variety of paramedical personnel involved in oncology. It will also be a valuable asset for general practitioners, palliative care clinicians, and non-specialists who are increasingly becoming involved at some stage in the care pathway of cancer patients.

Authors: Jim Cassidy & Donald Bissett
Page count: 897

International Manual of Oncology Practice_ (iMOP) - Principles of Medical Oncology

International Manual of Oncology Practice

The International Manual of Oncology Practice working group had developed a very comprehensive and evidence- based book to help the clinicians worldwide integrate the knowledge to fi t to their clinical practice. Experts from Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Oceania had stablished a solid and well-developed network platform to share experiences and write a consistent evidence-based book for the global oncology community, according to their local economical and sociocultural concerns. You can free download oncology books in PDF at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: Ramon Andrade De Mello
Page count: 1033

The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology

The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology

The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Oncology" is a comprehensive guide providing clinicians with essential information on the diagnosis and management of cancer. Authored by experts from the renowned National Cancer Institute, it offers concise and practical advice on the latest therapeutic protocols and clinical trials. This handbook covers a wide range of malignancies, integrating cutting-edge research with evidence-based practice. Designed for quick reference, it includes treatment algorithms, drug information, and detailed guidelines for patient care. Ideal for oncologists, residents, and healthcare professionals.

Authors: Jame Abraham & James L. Gulley
Page count: 837

Oxford Textbook of Oncology

Oxford Textbook of Oncology

One of the most important innovations in the third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Oncology is that it is available both in print, ebook, and online formats. One of the negatives of preparing a major textbook is that it may be out of date by the time of publication. We seek to overcome this with regular online updates when change in knowledge demands. Purchasers of the print book will receive a free 12-month access to the online version of the book. The online version contains all the material from the printed book, as well as extensive reference linking via PubMed.

Author: David J. Kerr
Page count: 1041

Principles and practice of Pediatric Oncology

Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology

The Seventh Edition of Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the continued dramatic and significant changes that are occurring in this discipline. Although authors who have contributed to one or more prior editions have prepared the majority of the chapters, new contributors to this edition have written 40% of the chapters. They share in common that each are leaders in their fields and in shaping the future of care for children with cancer.

Authors: Philip A. Pizzo & David G. Poplack
Page count: 3076

Perez & Brady’s Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology

Perez & Brady's Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology

"Perez & Brady’s Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology" is a comprehensive guide for oncology professionals, offering in-depth coverage of the principles and practices of radiation therapy. The book integrates cutting-edge research with clinical insights, providing detailed discussions on radiation physics, biology, and clinical protocols. It includes practical guidelines for treatment planning, delivery, and patient care, emphasizing evidence-based approaches. With contributions from leading experts, the text is an essential resource for understanding the complexities of cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes.

Author: Edward C. Halperin
Page count: 7402