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Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology

In keeping with a new editorial team the content of the book has been thoroughly revised, while retaining the broad structure of the previous editions which were a distinctive feature of the book. Th e number of chapters has increased from 126 to 173, refl ecting the increasing breadth of knowledge. New chapters have been written refl ecting the changing face of rheumatology. We have expanded the imaging section to include separate chapters on each of the main modalities, and chapters on therapeutics cover the new biologic agents including areas that we foresee becoming mainstream during the life of the book.

Author: Richard A. Watts
Page count: 1553


Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology

Rheumatic musculoskeletal conditions are common both in general and hospital practice. Musculoskeletal symptoms are a primary feature of many multisystem illnesses, not only in the autoimmune joint and connective tissue diseases, but also metabolic, endocrine, neoplastic, and infectious conditions. Symptoms are also common in the context of injury, age-related change, and psychological distress. Many conditions in rheumatology are a major source of morbidity and mortality. You can download free Rheumatology books in PDF format at Medihealth Pedia.

Author: Gavin Clunie
Page count: 832


Textbook of Pediatric Rheumatology

The Textbook has attempted to keep up with important developments in our understanding of rheumatic diseases in childhood and their diagnosis and management. The Textbook will provide an up-to-date synthesis of the state of knowledge of rheumatic diseases of childhood for students, physicians, and health care professionals involved in the management of these children and adolescents. The editors and authors are grateful to the thousands of readers of the Textbook who have made it the standard reference in the field of pediatric rheumatology.

Author: Ross E. Petty
Page count: 1066